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made with a dash of ocean + a sprinkle of magic.

PHOTOGRAPHY // Kate Webster



Shyanne Clarke Graphic Designer Editorial Digital Collage Surf culture art
there was a whole magnificent soul burning brightly behind her “shy”
— Atticus

A few things I’m known for loving:

Nature blows my mind with its beauty

The smell of coconut (a bit much - I actually dreamt about it last night)

The power + depth of the ocean

Creating (thats probably obvious)

Palm trees.

My fave books this year:

12 principles for prototyping a feminist business - Jennifer Armbrust

The Lost Flowers of Alice Heart - Holy Ringland

I am her tribe - Danielle Doby

Feck Perfuction - James Victore

The Book Of Dreams - Nina George

Shyanne Clarke Graphic Designer Mermaid Digital Collage

Mermaid lore

... a mermaid lives in the sea of intuitive energies, seeking the greatest expression of herself. She has goddess energy, she is a healer of the heart and the ocean. She joyfully shares her calling and blessings with the world and can perceive the heart and intention of your soul. She will take you into your deep depths, never to return to life as you knew it before.