With an enchanted heart, weave beautiful threads of softness back through your body + paint your limbs with kindness.


50 MINS // $75

Sunshine Coast Reiki



Reiki Sunshine Coast

Reiki is an energy-based

healing practice

A natural therapy and eastern medicine

Reiki is an energy based healing practice which comes from Japanese origin. ‘Rei’ is the Japanese word for ‘Universal Life’ and ‘ki’ means energy. A natural therapy and eastern medicine, that can support traditional western medicine.

A gentle and relaxing energy session // Balancing your energy body, charging your light column, expanding your energy field, and supporting your souls alignment.

In my experience, I have witnessed clients many transformations with the assistance of reiki.

Including supporting:

reducing/releasing pain from the body. We can focus a session on any pain in the body, sore shoulder, lower back pain, digestion pain etc. (This does not replace or to be used as an alternative to or substitute for professional diagnosis, advice, treatment etc.)

  • boosting immune

  • calming anxiety

  • life changes/transitions e.g. menopause, moving, job change, relationship changes

  • increased confidence + success for launching soul products/services

  • inspired creative visioning + purpose

  • aligning to soul path

  • clearing blocks + fears

  • self love

  • ascension/evolution

A reiki treatment consists of ‘laying on of hands’ , with clothing on, laying on a massage table in a room with soft lighting and a gentle playlist. You are likely to feel deeply relaxed during a session. Depending on what you are open to and your awareness, you could fall into a meditative state and have visions or communication with your higher self/guides.


If you have been attuned to Reiki Level 1 or 2 and would like a booster attunement. Please contact me to arrange a day and time. EMAIL

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